Small apartment, that changes with one gesture or word!

How do you see the apartment of future? Compact and functional or more like elegant and spacious? In nowadays, one team of young and enthusiastic people from Massachusetts institute of Technology MIT will demonstrate us one realistic vision of the future looking apartments – innovative vital space called CityHome. The concept of this innovative home is developed around the idea for free movement and intuitive space – where everything has its own place, but can easily transform its function with one gesture, one touch or even voice command. You will be amazed of that, how flexible can be this small sized space. The interesting thing is that each transformation is made without any effort or movement. The ambitious american engineers from MIT suggest one durable solution, which turns places smaller than 60 м² in place, enough for carefree life, in the big and crowded city. This module apartment of future […]

Eclectic Interior design in Ukraine from Svoya Studio

We will look at the interior home design of one not too big apartment in Ukraine, that is made all by the owners requests. The designers studio standing behind the project is SVOYA Studio, and the apartment is small loft apartment with two rooms. Lets see in what this place has turned, after professional performance… In the moment the apartment’s structure is quite different than the original. The apartment has living room combined with kitchen and bedroom as well, combined with a place for studying and wide bathroom. Maybe, the first thing, that will take your attention is the classic vision of the interior. This is not accidentally – the choice of classic style belongs the apartment’s owners and to a large extent this is due to the fact, that the building is monument of the culture. The big ceilings are something common in the old buildings, especially in Dnipropetrovsk […]

Modern Kitchen Remodel Ideas

The modern kitchen is becoming the new family room. A lot of kitchens are now incorporating a dining room and a living room into a unified space. In this post, we will give you a few modern kitchen remodel ideas to help you create a functional and attractive place. White kitchens are beautiful and timeless. White cabinets work great with any style of interior and leave you a lot of décor options and color palette choices. If you’re looking for kitchen remodel ideas and plan to buy new appliances, go for stainless steel. Their sophisticated look will add a feeling of luxury to your kitchen. If you have a larger space available and store a lot of items, a walk-in pantry is a good option for you. If you’re looking for kitchen remodel ideas to add functionality and style to your kitchen, consider buying a kitchen island. This will give […]

Kitchen Interior Design Ideas – Industrial-Style Kitchen

Industrial-style interior is often found in city lofts and industrial buildings, converted into homes. Such spaces are usually rich in exposed beams, brick walls, concrete and pipes. All these elements can add a dramatic effect to kitchen interior design. If you want to create an industrial-style kitchen interior design, start with the walls and flooring. Brick walls, concrete columns and flooring look great.   Retro-looking appliances are an excellent choice for industrial-style kitchen interior design. Contemporary cabinets and counters combine well with industrial-style design and retro-looking appliances.   Choose stainless steel surfaces for your industrial-style kitchen interior design. Commercial range appliances can also be incorporated in your industrial-style kitchen without loosing the stylishness of the interior. Industrial-style interior design is all about utilizing industry-related products, used in unexpected ways. In kitchen interior design, you can get really creative with the industrial style. You can share your ideas with us in […]

Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas

When you’re considering a small kitchen remodel every inch of space counts. You need to find a way to transform the limited space without sacrificing style or functionality. In this post, we will share some small kitchen remodel ideas. When you’re doing a small kitchen remodel, you need to find some smart storage solutions, like pullout trash, cutlery trays, drawer organizers and spice storage. A pot rack, mounted over the stove, will save you some space and will make your pots and pans easy to grab, whenever you need them. A small kitchen island will provide additional storage and a meal preparation surface. Downsized appliances are a good solution for a small kitchen remodel. They will save space and still suit your needs. Vertical storage is another space-saving solution for a small kitchen. Tall wall cabinets will help you keep thing organized. If you have more kitchen remodel ideas you […]

Rustic Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

The kitchen is the most important room in the house since this is where all the magic happens. This is the place, where you prepare delicious meals for your family, cook special holiday dinners, and, in some case, organize friends and family gatherings. That’s why your kitchen should be designed to look attractive and stimulate your creativity. In this post, we will give you a few design and decorating ideas for rustic kitchen interior design. Rustic living is associated with simple, country living, so it’s a good idea to bright the outside in, to add a rustic flair to your kitchen interior design. Choose hardwood flooring made from woods, available in your area, if possible. The same goes for your kitchen counters and cabinets. Choose woods from the surrounding area. Look out the windows of your kitchen and notice the flora outside. Then, try to match the color scheme of […]