Affordable bathroom remodeling

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The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. If you haven’t changed anything in your bathroom for a long time, it may become less practical in time. In this post we will give you few suggestions for affordable bathroom remodeling that will change the look of the room and make it more functional.

When you start planning bathroom remodeling, one of the first things to consider is what to do with the tiles. Changing them entirely may be costly and time consuming. You can get some beautiful wall stickers that will make your bathroom tiles look as good as new. You can find some awesome contemporary designs that are easy to stick to the walls and will cost you way less than new tiles.

wall stickers

The next thing to consider, when you start bathroom remodeling, is what to do with the old counters and cabinets. You can get new counters and cabinets that will match the theme you created with the wall stickers. An alternative suggestion is to use furniture foil to change the look of the existing furniture. Another thing to do is to use some of the wall stickers on the counters and cabinets.

furniture foil

If your bathroom walls are painted, you can easily select a new color that will change entirely the look of your bathroom. You can even do the painting job yourself. This is a simple and effective way to freshen up the atmosphere without significant bathroom remodeling. Family members may help with the task.

wall paint

In case you don’t want to re-paint the room, another bathroom remodeling suggestion is to choose some cool bathroom wallpapers. They will add an elegant finishing touch to your bathroom. Choose wallpapers that resist moisture and can hold up to frequent scrubbing. Vinyl wallpapers are ideal for this purpose. Turn you bathroom into the perfect spot for relaxation by opting for wallpapers in your bathroom remodeling.


Check your bathroom accessories to see if they need changing. You can get new soap dishes, towel holders and a shower head. Do some online research or visit a local store to find cheap replacements for the existing bathroom accessories. When you do bathroom remodeling, it is a good idea to change those. Find things that will increase the functionality of your bathroom and make it look modern and stylish. If your old bathroom accessories work just fine, you can postpone the purchase for later.


If you use a shower curtain, get a new one during your bathroom remodeling. A new shower curtain is a pretty cost-effective solution that can transform the interior of your bathroom. Besides practical, shower curtains also have a decorative function. There’s a wide variety of styles, colors and patterns to choose from. Because their price is so low, you can get a few shower curtains and change your bathroom experience every month.

 shower curtain

The bathroom mirror is a very important design element in any bathroom, because every family member uses it. When you are planning bathroom remodeling, you should change your bathroom mirror. For your new bathroom, choose a contemporary mirror with a creative shape to complete the stylish room of your bathroom. There are many different shapes, sizes and colors to choose from. Check out some pictures online for more inspiration and to get an idea what your new mirror would look like in your bathroom.


The last thing to consider, when doing bathroom remodeling, is buying some new bathroom towels. Get some new towels that will suit your needs. Another thing you can do is think of a creative way to use the towels as a bathroom decoration. Get some cool towel rack or roll them up and put them in a small basket on the bathroom counter.

towel holder

If you are planning bathroom remodeling, do some research in advance to see what are the most cost-effective options that will work for you.

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