Bathrooms – amazing and colorful designs

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Let’s turn the dull, boring bathrooms into charming relaxation spots full of color

Painting your bathroom walls into apple green is the perfect match for the modern style of your neutral looking water sink. The tall shining rimless mirror drives your look as far as the high ceiling.


Water blue

The water blue walls add some extra color to your bathroom and are the perfect source of a refreshing spa-like feeling. The white tiles around the shower simply add up to the bathroom fresh look, while the timber accents underline the uniqueness of the details. The blend of the blue, beige, white and timber colors create the illusion of being on the beach all day long.

Citrus paint
The modern, orange walls determine the citrus look of this bathroom. The white water sink and bath tub can easily be spotted against the light walls. The few touches of green, yellow and pink add just a bit of boldness to the bathroom. The interior designer here has obviously had some fun, not just with the colors, but with the flower petals as well.
The fabric petals definitely sharpen your attention to the shower curtain, the chair, the mirror and the lamps.

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