Five awesome bathroom mirror designs

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The bathroom mirror is an essential element of every bathroom. The bathroom mirror can complement the interior design of your bathroom. Have a look at these awesome bathroom mirror designs and see whether one of these will fit in your bathroom.

modern antique bathroom mirror

This is a beautiful bathroom mirror in the classic black color. It can look great in a modern bathroom, paired with sleek and modern bathroom sink, to create a bold interior design contrast. If this sharp contrast is not really your thing, you can place this bathroom mirror in a vintage-style bathroom. It will be a great addition to a bathroom like that and will complement the interior design in a beautiful way.

bathroom mirror

If you have a modern bathroom, you can go for a contemporary bathroom mirror with a minimalist design. This incredible bathroom mirror is perfect for those of you, who appreciate the less-is-more approach. This mirror will make a beautiful addition to your bathroom, without attracting all the attention. This way the focus will be on the modern furniture, fixtures or decorations.


This beautiful bathroom mirror has a simple, but very elegant design. The classical round design will look good in any style of bathroom. Its simplicity is what makes it look so attractive. With the right choice of a bathroom sink, cabinet and decoration, you can create a focal point around the bathroom mirror.


Choosing a bathroom mirror with an unusual design can add a new point of interest to your bathroom. This is a great choice for people, who want something new and different. Keep in mind that if you choose a bathroom mirror like that, you will have to choose a sink with simple, elegant design, otherwise your bathroom might end up looking too flashy.

mirror and sink

The bathroom mirror and the sink don’t always have to be separate. For modern bathrooms, you can get a combination of these two items. This fixture has an ultra modern, slim and glossy design. They look great as singles or as pairs in a master bathroom. This bathroom mirror and sink combination will make your bathroom look more exciting.

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