Bathroom furnishing trends in 2014

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Bathroom furnishing trends seem to be keeping pace with the constant changes and innovations in our lives. As a matter of fact, the bathroom has come a long way and has gradually developed from a room for personal hygiene into a relaxation spot. Of course the transformation has brought about a few innovations in the bathroom design, the furniture and the decoration items. So let us take a look at the leading changes which will shape the upcoming tendencies in 2014.

shower trends


We shall begin our review with the classic shower. It is one of the bathroom equipment pieces that have probably evolved the most. The current variations are numerous – different shapes, different head sizes, different functions. One of the top favorites is the large-headed shower, which provides for a wider and softer water jet. Another popular model is the one with the hydro massage shower panel, which turns the habit of taking a quick shower into a healing procedure. One of the strangest developments in the area would be the LED lighting showers. Their heads emit light with different brightness depending on the water temperature.



contemporary bathroom designMoving on to the shower enclosures, we need to point out that they will be shaping the 2014 trends in the bathroom furnishing to a significant extent. In the past, bathroom enclosures were mainly used so that we would not turn the whole bathroom into a wet mess. At present times, they perform so many functions. The leading one would be the hydro massage function, which seems to be cherished more and more nowadays. Smaller bathrooms tend to have even a limited-size bath-tub in the enclosure, thus saving space. Another common attribute would be the shower seat. Interior design in bathrooms has also exercised its influence in the enclosure, so peripheral lighting units, ventilation, radio, hands-free phones and thermostatic batteries are among the popular features, to name a few!

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