Bathroom ideas – the best of 2013

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Bathroom trends change by the year. 2013 is definitely not an exception – clear changes in the style, furnishing and bathroom decoration mark the current trends.

For him, for her:

The general issue with bathrooms is that in the majority of cases they are subject to chaos and bad arrangement. The reason behind that is obvious – men and women tend to have different needs and do not share the same design taste. The current trend is focused on two designated areas – one for him and one for her. This way, the couple can get indulged into their morning arrangements without having to wait for each other – the immediate effect is that there are no more early morning fights! Now, if you have children, well….this is a whole new story!


A couple of showers;

Another seasonal trend this year is the bigger shower space which enhances the bathroom functionality. Bigger bathrooms with a couple of showers are getting more and more popular. The enormous bath tubs that are rarely used have been excluded from the conception of the modern functional bathroom. The new generation simply needs a more functional bathroom – taking showers simultaneously is way more functional and time-wise.


A few good ideas on your kid’s bathroom

Parents tend to get preoccupied with the kid’s room arrangements and rarely pay attention to the design of the kid’s bathroom.
The bathroom for children should have a fresh, light and funny look. Every kid loves the funny colors, colorful tiles and its famous cartoon heroes. Here is a selection of a few photos that might trigger a few good ideas for a way funnier kid’s bathroom.