Bathroom ideas for a rented apartment

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‘Bathroom remodeling’ and ‘rented apartment’ are two phrases you will never hear used in the same sentence. However, you may need or want to freshen up the look of the bathroom in your rented apartment at some point. In this pose, we will give you a few simple and affordable ideas how to do just that.

Apartments for rent are not likely to have bathrooms, equipped with all the necessary items. You will probably have to get some bathroom accessories and shelving units for the bathroom of your rented apartment. They will help you keep your personal belongings in order and add some character to the bathroom. Glass bathroom shelves are an ideal option. They are affordable, easy to clean and look attractive.


Not many apartments for rent have designer bathroom interiors. In your rented apartment, the wall tiles are probably old and worn. To hide some imperfections and give the bathroom a makeover, get some tile stickers. They are cheap and can be easily removed, if you move out. There are some really good-looking tile stickers you can find online or at some local store. You can add style or recreate a beautiful underwater scene in the bathroom of your rented apartment with some tile stickers.

tile stickers

For the bathroom of your rented apartment, you can get a telescopic curtain rod to hang a shower curtain. Since your landlord probably won’t let you drill holes on walls, this is an ideal solution for you. You can find a telescopic curtain rod made from stainless steel, chrome or bamboo. Choose an option, which best suits your needs and is appealing to the eye. Besides, a shower curtain will help you add some color to the bathroom of your rented apartment.

 telescopic shower curtain rod

There are many other small details you can add to the bathroom of your rented apartment to make it look more appealing. Share with us your ideas in the comments section below.

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