Bathroom Renovation Trends

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It seems that the bathroom is the new den. People now go there after a hard day at work to relax. More and more people are looking for ways to upgrade their bathrooms. In this post, we will discuss the top bathroom renovation trends.

One of the most noticeable bathroom renovation trends is that showers get larger. Homeowners with smaller bathrooms often choose to remove the bathtub to make more room for larger shower enclosures.


Since the bathroom is becoming a place for relaxation, steam showers are added in bathroom renovation.

steam shower

Of course, the bathtub is not dead yet. However, it is changing. People now prefer deep, insulated soaking tubs.


Master bathrooms are becoming real sanctuaries. And, what people look for in master bathroom renovation, is to let in more sunlight and make the place brighter.

master bathroom

Bathroom ventilation changes too. A remote fan with a motor in the attic or elsewhere is way more powerful and extremely quiet.

modern bathroom

There are just some of the contemporary bathroom renovation trends. If you’re planning bathroom renovation, look for more ideas online.

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