Bathroom Renovations – Design an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

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The bathroom is the place where we waste the most natural resources – overindulgent water use, excessive paper waste and so on. Besides, this is where all the bath products and cleaning products seem to multiply endlessly. In this post, we have prepared some bathroom renovations tips for designing an eco-friendly bathroom.


Installing a low-flow toilet is a good place to start with your bathroom renovations</>. Modern low-flow toilets provide generous flushing power and still use less water than regular old toilets.


A low-flow shower head will help you cut down on excess water use. While most shower heads use 5-8 gallons of water per minute, a low-flow head uses 2.5 or less, without sacrificing water pressure.


Motion sensor faucets are another eco-friendly option for your bathroom renovations. They will help you save water while you’re washing your face and hands, or brushing your teeth.


Use LED light bulbs and install an energy-efficient vent fan. For more eco-friendly bathroom renovations ideas, see more tips online.

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