Choosing a bathtub for your baby

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Choosing a baby bathtub is probably one of the easiest decisions you’ll have to make, when it comes to buying nursery essentials. Basically, if it holds water, it will do. Here are our thoughts on the subject.

Baby bathtub designs have little advantages over one another. You can get a basic bathtub shape with a drain, made of sturdy plastic and that will work out perfectly for you for quite some time. Probably the only big difference is whether the bathtub comes with one end that is built up, so that you can lay the child’s back against the elevation, while washing them with water from the lower part of the bathtub.

baby bathtub

This type of baby bathtub may come with a non-slip padded surface that doesn’t mildew with use. However, it may take a while to dry after use. There is also an option to get frames with terrycloth covers that create a tilted rest for the baby, so that you can wash the easily and then rinse out and hang the cover, when you’re done.

baby bathtub design

Any bathtub that has a reasonable lip to it, for easy carrying and moving around, will be handy. There is some variation in size, so you may need to measure the space, where you’re going to place it, before buying. If you have a bathroom counter, where you can place the bathtub and then lay the baby afterwards, you’re all set. For limited spaces, where standing at the sink is more comfortable, you might want to get a bathtub size that fits the sink itself and you can lay the baby on the counter afterwards. This option will also be easier on your back, than placing the bathtub on the bathroom floor.

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If you’re interested in more baby bathtub designs, you can browse the web. Some parents go for a bathtub that folds up, which is also quite handy for when you travel and visit relatives. When you’re buying a bathtub, make sure there’s no leakage and it is safe for your baby.

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