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Cleaning bathroom tips — Bathroom hygiene is the key to personal hygiene. Light and bright walls, is one of the key ways to keep the bathroom clean. The bathroom is a room that is sensitive to mold and dirt. It happened because this space is the place to clean the body of impurities. In addition, moisture are factors why the fungus often present. Fungi and bacteria grow when the humidity high. The air is not changed cause higher humidity. So how does the bathroom was not damp and stuffy? The following cleaning bathroom tips: Make sure there are always openings about the size of about 20% of the total roof area or a bathroom wall. These openings can make the air in the bathroom to change. Good air circulation will make the bathroom feel more comfortable and fresh.


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Then, use a wall that does not absorb water and easily cleaned. One practical way is to use porcelain tiles to the walls. Besides being easy to clean, his motives were varied. This is noteworthy because the easier it will clean the bathroom free of mold and mildew. Next, choose bright colors for areas approximately difficult to clean. Bright colors help us find out the dirt. For those of you who use the bathtub, use a small tub. Large-volume bath was used because it serves as well as water storage. Today, technology is more advanced water storage (water can be supplied at any time of the water tank), so the size of the tub can be tailored to the needs of the bath. A large tub of water increases the humidity of the room. Always clean the bathroom when the water begins to change color. The color change also indicates the growth of fungi and bacteria.


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Well, it’s not hard to make your bathroom clean and healthy? Do things the above standards, there is going to get the bathroom clean, healthy and comfortable. Perform regular maintenance to clean the bathroom so that it stayed up — cleaning bathroom tips.