Coloful bathroom ideas

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Who says that bathrooms should be all white-tiled and boring? There are lots of ways to make your bathroom décor look more dynamic. In this article, we will show you how to make your bathroom more vibrant without it costing you a fortune.

Modern bathrooms can now be re-designed to look more like a home spa. Revive your bathroom by adding more color. Play with the colors to give the room more refreshing and energizing look. Pick a few colors that match well. You can use soft, creamy colors, that contribute to the soothing atmosphere of your bathroom. Arrange the tiles so that each row of tiles is a different color.

colorful bathroom

design by Hikovi

For a colorful bathroom  like this, it is best to chose white furniture with simple design, because it is really easy to overdo this design. You can place simplistic, stylish and modern items, with elegant curved lines. For our bathroom, the designers have chosen white toilet and sink, with clean, oval design to contrast with the colorful walls. If you want to use this idea in your bathroom, it would be best to keep the floor and ceiling uni-colored.

colorful bathroom ideas

design by Hikovi

Another important aspect in any bathroom design is the lighting. When it comes to lighting, bathrooms are given the least consideration of all the rooms. In most cases, there’s just one single ceiling fixture. The bathroom should be adequately lighted, because this is the room where you start and end your day. Proper bathroom lighting can make a huge difference.

If you are experiencing difficulties with this design, browse the web for more pictures or consider consulting an interior designer. Keep in mind that you should be careful not to overdo things. The different colors are just supposed to add a nice, interesting accent to your bathroom, to give it a more refreshing look.

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