Contemporary bathroom with red elements

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Red, as the color of blood and fire, represents life and vitality. Red also signifies the color of the sun, which is a symbol of energy, radiating its vitalizing life-force into human beings. All this makes red the perfect color for bathroom decoration.

If you choose to use red in the interior design of your bathroom, we would suggest to use it only as an accent. Red looks great in combination with black, white or gray. Darker colors are more suitable for bigger bathrooms. If you want your bathroom to be in dark colors, you can choose black as the main color for your walls and floor, add white to freshen up a bit the space and choose some beautiful red accents to add – some floor vases and sink counters.

modern bathroom

For smaller bathrooms, it would be better to stick to lighter tones. Dark wood floors go well with white walls. The light-colored walls will make the bathroom look and feel more spacious. You can add a glass screen as a room divider, if you like. The glass screen will additionally create the illusion of space. To add the finishing touches of your small, contemporary bathroom, choose some beautiful red elements, like a shower enclosure, a red chair and a table light to place near the bathroom mirror.

red bathroom

red bathroom

For contemporary bathrooms, red surfaces can add a feeling of style and luxury. To achieve this effect, choose highly polished, glossy surfaces and modern, minimal design for your bathroom furniture. A sleek red sink counter with elegant lines, red wall decoration and a red chair will add a beautiful and stylish accent to your contemporary bathroom.

contemporary bathroom

Red can symbolize many things – blood, love, infatuation. Basically, red is the color of strong emotions like energy, strength, danger, passion and aggression. Red may also be associated with a person’s most profound urges and impulses. That’s why we suggest to use red as an accent in your bathroom, not as the main color scheme.

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