DIY Bathroom Decorating Ideas – Hanging Organizer

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Decoration is an important part of bathroom design. If you can’t afford designer decorative pieces, you can find many DIY projects online for various decorations. In this post, we will show you how to create a brightly-colored hanging organizer for your bathroom. It looks cute, serves a practical function and is really easy to do.

If your bathroom has a neutral color scheme, you can add a fun pop of color. And if you want to follow the latest fashion trends, choose Pantone’s color of the year – radiant orchid. To make this fun bathroom organizer, you will need some wood material, which you can purchase at a local home improvement store or you can use leftover wood from previous DIY projects, glue, screws, wood fillers and paint. Adjust the measurements of the wood pieces according to your own needs and the space you have available.

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Start by marking the center top of the back piece of wood. Hold it up to a peg on the bathroom rack, lining the center with the center of a peg. On the wooden piece, mark the center of each peg placement. Use a ruler to measure down about two inches from the top and a level to make a cross mark to show the center of each hole. You want the holes to be near the top end. Drill tiny holes where the pencil marks meet. Next, attach a hole saw bit to the drill and, using the tiny holes as guides for the center, drill holes. Choose a hole saw bit, which is just a little bigger than the pegs on the bathroom rack.

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Sand and wipe clean all wood pieces. Use the glue, wood screws and clamps to assemble the bathroom organizer and let it dry. Attach the screws from the bottom and back, so they won’t be seen. At this point, the organizer would be too heavy in the front, if you try it on the hooks of the bathroom rack. That’s why you need to attach a back stop piece to the center bottom of the back, using some glue and a clamp. This will ensure that the organizer will hang level.


After this is done, fill all seams and cracks with wood filler. Then, let it dry, sand it smooth and wipe it clean. Finally, paint the bathroom organizer in radiant orchid. Of course, you can use any other color you like. Keep in mind that it may take more than one coat of paint. After some time, you may easily freshen it with another coat of paint or choose to re-paint it with a different color. Your bathroom organizer is now ready to use for decorative items, accessories or bathroom necessities.

If you want to make this awesome hanging organizer, follow our simple instructions and check out the pictures, if you get stuck. If you have other DIY decorations in your bathroom, share your pictures and ideas with us in the comments section below. We hope we’ve been helpful.

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