Glass bathroom sinks

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Glass bathroom sinks are the hottest trend in contemporary bathroom design.Glass bathroom sinks are must-have items for homeowners with luxury bathrooms. Combine the versatility of glass in color and design with the sink mount trend in your contemporary bathroom.


There are glass bathroom sinks, created by joining together pieces of glass. The glass is heated and then cooled, where the resulting fused glass pieces are solid and cannot be easily broken. With fusing techniques, it is possible to create different patterns and designs. The sheet of fused glass, created through these fusing techniques, is then slumped into the vessel shape. Glass bathroom sinks created this way have beautiful, intricate design.

glass bathroom sink

There also are hand-blown glass bathroom sinks. The process allows the creation of many different styles, colors, shapes and sizes of glass bathroom sinks. And all of them are unique. Color may be applied in many different forms at the beginning if the process of creating these glass bathroom sinks. What makes every sink unique is the variation in the glass blowing process.

glass sink

You can also find glass bathroom sinks made from mosaic glass. The glass for the sink is bent at extremely high temperatures and the colored glass mosaic pieces are adhered to the inside surface. These glass bathroom sinks are durable even in the most extreme temperature conditions. The smooth surface is colorful, sturdy and easy to maintain. Mosaic glass bathroom sinks will create an amazing focal point in any bathroom.

mosaic glass sink

Glass bathroom sinks are an ideal solution for contemporary bathroom interiors. They will show off your sense of beauty and style, and your love of luxury. If you’re renovating your bathroom, you may want to consider glass bathroom sinks to install. They are true works of art that will turn your contemporary bathroom into a masterpiece, adding to the beautiful atmosphere of your home.

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