The ground laying steps to a perfect bathroom

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Building you bathroom might actually sound easier said than done. The reason for this is that there are a good number of steps that you should take in order to reach the desired effect and this is provided that you are all set with your bathroom style. This post will cover the three main steps towards a stylish looking bathroom – colors, lighting and furnishing.

Now, I bet that the first color which naturally comes to everyone’s mind with regards to bathrooms is white. This is extremely true and it can easily be accounted for – the white nuances convey to the highest extend the feeling of purity. What you need to take into consideration though is the fact that lighter colors, especially white can be rather hard to keep clean and maintain, so perhaps considering beige or yellow nuances would be a good idea. Of course, there is no need to stick to light colors only! Just pick the ones that best describe your true self and go for them, the only prerequisite is that you apply those colors in unison with the bathroom’s overall look. Darker colors can convey dramatic or even playful feelings; however they can at the same time give the space a more carefree atmosphere.

Once you are all set with regards to colors you can tick the first step to a better bathroom off the list! So it is time to move on the next one – your bathroom lighting. There are two obligatory lamp spots in every bathroom – a bigger brighter one in the center of the ceiling and another one just above the mirror. Just think about it – so many activities takes place in front of the mirror – make up, shaving, beauty masks, etc., so appropriate lighting is a must. And in case you are one of those lucky few who have a bigger, spacious bathroom at home, you might as well add a third source of light just above the bathroom tub. Add some candles and bath salts and you will have a guaranteed spa-like atmosphere.

Splendid, the second step is now history, so you are so much closer to the finishing line! With regards to furnishing, make sure you do not “overdo” your bathroom – use just the really necessary, functional pieces of furniture that you need. And as far as shampoos and bathroom accessories are concerned, it is worth remembering that their colors and shapes can also be used as attraction points!