Hi-tech bathroom designs

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Not that long ago going to the bathroom meant taking a trip to the outhouse or a water closet. Back then, you would use the bathroom only when you really need to and do what you need to do as quickly as possible. Today, technology has found its place in the privacy of the bathroom.

With modern-day technology you can watch the morning news and check the weather forecast for the day while taking a shower or shaving. For modern home remodeling projects, there are lots of hi-tech gadgets you can choose for the bathroom. Now you can have cable access and a flat-screen LCD or plasma TV can be hung on the bathroom wall or even appear directly in your bathroom mirror. The technology can also be adapted to show your computer screen, allowing you access to new information, your daily schedule or the scores of your favorite sports team.

hi-tech bathroom

But that’s not all. Now singing in the shower has a whole new meaning with new technologies making it possible to listen to your favorite music with waterproof surround sound stereo and speakers you can control with a remote. Wireless internet can also be made available in your bathroom through a computer terminal, so that you can continue doing business even from the bathroom.

modern bathroom

New technologies also extend to the comfort of the bathroom. Your home computer can now be set to regulate everything in the house, including the temperature in your bathroom with special floor heating elements, water temperature and water pressure, including instant hot water capability, lighting and more. Sensors and monitors take care of your comfort and even alert you to any potential problems.

smart bathroom

Hi-the bathroom designs are becoming the new mania and with the right planning, you can have a new bathroom with all the options modern-day technology offers. You can contact a qualified bathroom contractor to help you design a bathroom that will fit into your budget and have all the amenities you want.

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