Hi-tech shower enclosures

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After a long day at the office, nothing feels better than a hot shower. You feel more and more relaxed with each droplet of hot water that falls on your body. And if your ordinary shower can do that, imagine what a hi-tech shower can do.

The one thing, that we hate the most about our showers, is the time it takes to get the right water temperature. Hi-tech shower enclosures now come with preset water temperature for your water. No more fiddling with the hot and cold water taps. Some hi-tech shower enclosures even come with a preset facility for different family members. And to take things one step further, you can even get a wireless networking, so that water will flow at precise temperatures from any tap in your home.

hi-tech shower

Some hi-tech shower enclosures come with hi-tech mirror fixtures inside. They have attached defoggers and heaters, so you can see yourself even in the steamy shower enclosure. These defoggers will ensure a hot shower without the cloud of steam. With this technology, you can even get your floor or toilet seat in the chilly winter days.

hi-tech shower enclosure

Hi-tech shower enclosures allow you to have even a whirlpool bathtub, besides the massage shower jets. The whirlpool bathtub works by propelling water from several jets, positioned conveniently in the tub, with enough force to create a traditional massaging motion. Even a quick soak in the whirlpool bathtub can save you a trip to the local spa. This hi-tech combination of shower anclosure and a whirlpool bathtub will save you space and add a modern, elegant look to your bathroom.

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You can have a unique bathroom experience, even in smaller bathrooms with hi-tech shower enclosures. You can choose a hi-tech shower enclosure with several jet sprays, all computer controlled. You can even customize and save your preferences for daily use.

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