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Kids bathroom ideas — All kids love to play water, and bathrooms become one of the favorite playgrounds. To that end, make a child’s bathroom in the house becomes a safe place for children to play. Therefore, the bathroom could be the most dangerous place for your little kids. And for those of you who have children that ‘difficult’ to take a shower, you can design your child’s bathroom with a cute interior ornaments. Bathtub, curtains that can attract them to take a bath. In this article you can see some bathroom design ideas for your child. And follow the following tips to unavoidable accidents in the bathroom.


kids bathroom ideas



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For kids bathroom ideas, choose a tile bathroom floor that is not slippery, and avoid sharp corners that could potentially vulnerable in the event of something unexpected. The selection of mats should also be appropriate, choose a mat that is attached to the floor so your toddler does not make it slip when stepped on. Electrical appliances such as electric shavers and hair dryers to rigorously secured placement away from the reach of children. We recommend that when not in use, make sure the electronic toy that unplugged electrical flow, so that children avoid electric shock. Remember, water is a good conductor of electricity, and can jeopardize the whole family. Placement of bathroom fittings such as bath up, bath, closet, shower and so on should be arranged in such a way as to not make it a region prone to accidents. And do not forget to keep a spare key to the bathroom door, if at any time they are locked into it.


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Attach a latch that can not be played under five in a closet or drawer containing toothpaste, cosmetics and mouthwash. Keep vitamins and medicines with or without a prescription far away from the reach of children or keep in a locked cabinet. Attach the handle higher and a bathroom key if we are not using it. This prevents toddlers to open and climb climb bathtub. Because when hanging in the tub, they can suddenly slip or slips, falls, and drowning. Set the water heater temperature no more than 49 degrees Celsius. Lower temperatures are safer for children and prevent the risk of fire. Brush on a regular basis so that the bathroom floor is not slippery. Now your child can have a comfortable bathroom, beautiful and safe — kids bathroom ideas.


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