Luxury bathroom interior

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Bigger bathrooms present lots of options for luxury interior. If you have a big bathroom, you can make it look like the glossy cover of an interior design magazine. Apply a minimalist concept to the design of the floor and walls and combine with modern, stylish furniture.

You can use partitions or low walls to create different areas in your bathroom. Floating counters can also be used as separators. If you want your bathroom to feel more like a spa, place a big fur rug with some pillows for lying down while reading magazines.

bathroom couch


Another thing to add to your home spa, is a couch. It can also act as a separator for the different areas in the bathroom. Pick a couch that matches the main color theme in the room, or one that creates a nice contrast.

bathroom chair

You can also be creative with the occasional chairs you put around your home. A chair in the bathroom, near the shower or the tub, is great for placing your towel and clothes. It will also add a bit of character to the otherwise boring room. For a more impressive effect, choose chairs with unusual design.

bathroom lounger

An interesting suggestion for your modern and stylish bathroom, is a lounger. Create your perfect relaxation area in the bathroom, by placing a lounge chair. If you have a fireplace in the room, place the lounger in front of it, and you will have a wonderful place to rest.

After furnishing the bathroom, a couple of tall flower vases or modern, minimalist sculptures, will add the finishing touches. The source of lighting can also serve as a decoration. Be creative, think outside the box, and create the perfect bathroom, that is not only functional, but also has style. Turn it into the main relaxation spot in your home.

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