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Taking a bath after a long day at work is very relaxing. Lying on the hammock in your porch can also be quite soothing. Then, why not combine the shape of the hammock and the functionality of the bathtub into a modern, luxury hammock bathtub for your bathroom?


The hammock bathtub vessel, designed by Miles Hartwell and Matt Withington of the UK design company Splinter Works, lets you lounge in a hammock and soak in a bathtub at the same time. Unlike any regular bathtub designs, the hammock bathtub is designed to be suspended from the walls of your bathroom with stainless steel brackets and doesn’t touch the floor. The whole fixture is completed with a stainless steel standing faucet, which comes up from the floor and hangs over one side to fill the carbon-fiber tub. Water is released from the hammock bathtub through the base and flows into a floor drain. If this is not possible in your bathroom, a downpipe can be installed.

hammock bathtub

The hammock bathtub is made from strong carbon fiber, which allows this unique shape and, at the same time, keeps it light enough to hang. There’s also a foam core, which insulates the vessel, keeping the water inside warm for much longer than any regular bathtub. The foam-core shell remains somewhat hidden, due to the tapering of the tub shell around the edges. The hammock bathtub is almost 9 feet long, which makes it comfortable for tall people. It is big enough to share with your loved one. This amazing bathtub is available in black, red, blue, yellow, bronze, silver and pink, so you can choose according to the color scheme in your modern bathroom.

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Unfortunately, the hammock bathtub cannot swing like a real hammock, but it still is quite relaxing. If you place this unique bathtub in your bathroom, it will easily turn into the focal point of the room. This beautiful bathroom fixture allows you to relax in style. It is the perfect addition to any modern and stylish bathroom. Combine the tub with a modern vessel sink and bathroom cabinets with sleek and shiny surfaces to create an ultimate feeling of luxury in your bathroom. This is a great solution for modern minimalist bathrooms.

vessel bathtub

The hammock and the bathtub are both undeniable fixtures of relaxation. That’s why the two work perfectly together in this unique bathtub design. As the designers say, this incredible piece provides the ultimate vehicle for total escapism.

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