Modern Bathroom Vanity Lighting

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Modern bathrooms require adequate bathroom vanity lighting. It will help you with your daily grooming routine, provide the right quality and amount of light for the room and add style. Here’s what you need to know about choosing modern bathroom vanity lighting.

Light bars come in two-, three- and four-light versions to suit the needs of smaller or larger bathrooms. Choose one, which is no wider than your vanity, but make sure you have plenty of light.

light bar

Mount the lighting high off the floor and center it with the mirror for a clean, finished look.


For long or double vanities, you need to use more than one light bar.


Consider using wall sconces instead of or in addition to the bath bar. This will increase the amount of usable light in the room.


Instead of wall sconces, you can hang matching pendants.


Choose the right bathroom vanity lighting according to the size and style of your bathroom.

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