Natural Wood Sink and Washbasins

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Natural Wood Sink and Washbasins – To create a natural ambience in your interiors we usually add some wooden pieces to create the stunning sense of the, have you thought to to add this natural view in our bathrooms too?
If you love nature, you’d probably definitely this way washbasin “Stan” from Plavisdesign; it’s really a very beautiful Natural Wood Sink and Washbasins inside a charming natural wood finishes that is going to give your bathrooms a really original look plus a peaceful atmosphere.

Stan consists of natural teak which look the same as trees wood; it is naturally treated to be water and warmth resistant so it’s practical and sturdy not merely beautiful. With steel faucet, the sink looks even prettier; additionally it is decorated by stainless steel elements on two sides.As a result of its easy and contemporary deign, Stan Natural Wood Sink and Washbasins can match perfectly with any modern bathroom. I personally imagine it very attractive whether it’s associated with wooden vintage bath accessories ,bathroom cabinets or also black or white ones.

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