Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

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Small bathrooms can present quite a challenge to design or remodel. You need to find furniture and fixtures, which will work for the limited space and offer ample storage and functionality. All these items must be placed so that you can move unobstructed between them. Luckily, there are many useful small bathroom remodel ideas, which can work for you.

Corner sinks are a great choice for a small bathroom.


Built-in shelves and cabinets are a great space-saving solution for small bathrooms.


Install a shower over the bathtub, if there is a bathtub. If you don’t use the bathtub too much, replace it with a shower enclosure.


Choose a light color scheme. This will make the bathroom feel bright and airy.

color scheme

Installing a wall cabinet will help you make use of the vertical space and leave free space on the floor.


Use these small bathroom remodel ideas to create the illusion of more space, while still being able to store all the necessary items in the bathroom. Keeping your bathroom clean and organized will also have an effect on how you feel in the limited space.

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