Small pink bathroom

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Every little girl is a princess. And what a princess needs is a beautiful and stylish room that provides comfort and privacy. In the present article, we would like to give you some ideas for an en suite bathroom  for the room of your little princess.

small pink bathroom

design by Hikovi

An absolute classics for a girl’s bathroom are the pink tiles. If you want to freshen up the look of the room, use a combination of pink and white tiles. You will still keep the pink theme, but the white tiles will make it look more dynamic. Later, you can place white bathroom furniture to match. A wall decoration with flowers will add nicely the finishing touches.








design by Hikovi

If the bathroom is too small, place a shower with a small head, which can still produce powerful stream. In case you want more modern look, you can opt for a LED shower head. For a limited space, the ideal solution is to use corner shelves near the shower. They save up space and give the bathroom more organized look. Use steel or glass shelves to match the contemporary look of the shower.






pink bathroom ideas

design by Hikovi

For more storage space, place a bathroom counter with a sink on top. A wall mounted liquid soap dispenser is another clever solution. Over the sink you can hang a cabinet with mirror doors, and place a couple of wall hangers near the sink. Finish the bathroom with proper lighting. Mounting vanity lights directly to the mirror is a good idea. In addition, for a small bathroom, a single ceiling fixture should be sufficient. You can frame the sink area with floral lines.

A pink en suite bathroom is an ideal solution for your little girl’s room. It will give her enough privacy and confidence, when doing her daily grooming routine. Check the Internet for more bathroom ideas.

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