A vintage style bathroom

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Vintage style is all the rage at the moment – from clothes to interior design. If you want to have authentic vintage pieces in your bathroom, keep in mind that they are more prone to breaking or leaking, because of their age. It is a better idea to use modern pieces with vintage twists to create a reliable vintage style bathroom.

If you have a big bathroom, you can place a large oval tub with taps, reminiscent of the style of the last century. An oversize tub will turn your bathroom into a spa-like retreat. You can place the bathtub on a platform of wood planks and turn it into the focal point of your vintage style bathroom. This will create a classic, cozy look and add a vintage charm to your bathroom.


For your vintage style bathroom, another important element is the sink. A wall-hung sink or a pedestal sink is an excellent choice. However, it can be hard to find original plumbing fixtures. Usually, when an old home is demolished, these pieces are crushed. Plus, restored antiques can be fairly pricey. But you can find reproductions of these wonderful vintage designs online.

vintage bathroom

If you’re wondering what mirror to get for your vintage style bathroom, we would suggest buying a fairly cheap picture frame that fits your regular mirror and paint it with a color that matches the main color scheme of the bathroom. The most popular colors for vintage home décor are pale pastels or cream. Once it’s painted and dry, use some light sandpaper to scrub away some of the paint around the edges, where it would normally wear and tear. Cover it with varnish to seal the design.

vintage style bathroom

To create a romantic vintage atmosphere in your bathroom, you can use wooden furniture in white and gray. The best thing about this style is that it allows you to combine different furniture and object, so you can mix the latest interior design trends with vintage items and elements.

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