Wall decoration ideas for a contemporary bathroom

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Contemporary bathroom décor is an important part of the modern interior design. The various decorative materials and items make it possible to create a unique bathroom design to suit every taste and style. In this article we will give you some ideas for wall decoration.

Tiles are the most common wall decoration for bathrooms. If you are going to tile your bathroom, you need to make sure the tiles are resistant to water and aggressive agents. It is a good idea to choose wall tiles that are a little lighter-colored than the floor tiles. Various patterns on the tiles can liven up the bathroom. You may also add decorative elements, like friezes, mosaics, borders and panels. Place patterned tiles at a certain distance from each other.

mosaic tiles

Decorative masonry is another way to add an interesting accent to your bathroom walls. Dark decorative masonry will make your bathroom look really classy and stylish. This is a great way to add character to your bathroom interior. However, keep in mind that dark walls will make the space seem smaller. Decorative masonry will also look amazing, if your bathroom has a big window.

decorative masonry

Wallpapers are probably not the best wall decoration solution for a bathroom. However, it looks amazing to add a beautiful nature scene in your bathroom. This will create an atmosphere of peace and harmony. If you want to have a wallpaper in your bathroom, it is best not choose the wall behind the tub or the shower. Water can ruin your perfect nature scene pretty quickly.


If you are designing a bathroom or just renovating it, keep in mind that decoration is a really important part of the contemporary bathroom interior design. The right wall decoration will create a mood in your bathroom, add style and a feeling of luxury. You can check online for more decoration ideas or seek the help of a professional interior decorator.

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