Beautiful Modern Bedroom 2011

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Do you want to decorate your bedroom with Beautiful Modern Bedroom and minimalist design style? If your answer is yes then here we are to provide you with a fantastic collection. Its name is golf from luxury Italian house Colombini. When you have a deep look in this collection you will find yourself to have developed a respect for the interior designers who will be behind these amazing and wonderful collections.

If you want a white bedroom you can find whatever you wish below in golf collection. You will find a bed in white with white wardrobe and a simple little mirror along with its dresser. There are also two simple modern lamps at either side from the wardrobes connected to the bed with simple black rug during the Beautiful Modern Bedroom. You can build a lovely partition behind a white bed with gray marble flooring. You may also add white using a turquoise color bed sheet to provide an attractive touch for your bed. You can even add lovely pillows in white and turquoise color with white rug on the floor it’ll give your master bedroom a whole new look.

Do you like gray color with your bedroom? In golf collection you will discover what you want, you’ll be able to paint your Beautiful Modern Bedroomwith gray color make your bed before wide glass window in brown color which consists of gray back and mattress. It’s also possible to add gray buff to your bedroom and gray side wardroom. An attractive modern lamp may also be placed in the corner which provides a beautiful touch for your modern bedroom. You can even use a wardrobe which consists of glass doors in sliding style or even in go in and out door. Really it’s an amazing collection worth a fantastic respect.

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