Design and decoration ideas for a master bedroom in white and blue

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There are many design and decoration ideas you can use for your master bedroom. You can choose styles of decoration and furniture, find various creative storage solutions and consider the color scheme. In this post, we will give you a few ideas for design and decoration of a master bedroom in white and blue.


This beautiful, traditional master bedroom has a white-and-blue color scheme. If you like this design, you can easily use it for your master bedroom. Keep the hardwood flooring, paint the walls in light blue and reupholster a pair of chairs with blue fabric. Decorate the room with blue curtains with white patterns and blue bone china plates. Add a hand-woven accent rug and a bedding set with a matching theme. A few throw pillows in white and blue will help you finish the look of the master bedroom.

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You can also furnish and decorate a modern master bedroom with a white-and-blue color scheme. Add an accent to one of the walls with blue wallpaper with abstract patterns. Keep the rest of the walls in solid blue. Choose a modern bed design in white and get a few bedding sets with blue patterns. Paint the ceiling white and install white flooring. This will create the illusion of more floor space. Add modern furniture in white, with simple design and glossy surfaces. They will reflect natural light from the windows, making the room brighter. You can place an accent rug, if you wish.


You can also use navy blue and white color scheme for your master bedroom. Paint the walls of the room in navy blue and keep the floor and ceiling white. This will create a nice contrast. Choose a modern bed with a leather headboard. This will add a feeling of luxury to your master bedroom. Choose heavy, navy blue curtains and framed wall pictures for decoration. A navy blue and white color scheme is a great choice for a stylish and elegant master bedroom.

If you want to use white-and-blue color scheme in your master bedroom, check out some more pictures on the web for inspiration. We would love to see your designs or read your comments.

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