Find your fairy kingdom in the canopy bedroom

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Find your fairy kingdom in the canopy bedroom

In a few of our previous posts we have covered the bedroom area and have commented on the different types of beds. Particular attention was paid to the built-in beds as a symbol of contemporary interior design. Today, we will aim in a slightly different direction by bringing to your attention the canopy bed.

It is a common idea that the place of canopy beds belongs to fairy tales. This is easy to comprehend, since canopy beds are usually associated with kingdoms and members of the royal family, however we believe that it can also be a means of self-expression through decoration, which will definitely not look out of place in modern style homes.

So, let us see how the canopy bed would fit into a 21st century bedroom. Today’s bed equivalents have a few peculiarities which distinguish them from their ancestors. First and foremost, the bed as a whole is much lighter and less massive. Another important feature is that the materials used for the bed coverings and the draperies in case you are a fan of four-poster beds are made of light, airy textiles. The idea is to preserve the romantic feeling of the canopy bed and keep the spacious, relaxing look of the bedroom.

Probably, the biggest difference in modern canopy beds would be the frames that are used. It is getting more popular to use bamboo, wood or wrought iron. Another, though a bit strange solution would be to use the rods of the curtains by attaching them to the ceiling in order to place fabrics which will surround the bed. And speaking of the fabrics, it is worth mentioning that the choice is unlimited. Not only in regards with the material and its density, but also in regards with the colors and shades. So, again, your decoration approach can go in two different directions: you can buy the same fabrics, which you have used in the rest of the bedroom or you can go for something more contrasting, so that a different focusing point in the interior design will be created!