How to furnish and decorate Barbie style bedroom

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Furnishing and decorating a bedroom for your little girl can be a little frustrating. There are lots of ideas for kids’ bedroom you can find online. In this article we will show you how to furnish and decorate a Barbie style bedroom for your little girl.

The first thing to consider is the color of the bedroom. A typical Barbie style bedroom would be pink. So the main color for the walls should be pink. You can paint the walls light pink, or you can keep them light-colored and just hang hot pink curtains. It’s not really a good idea to paint everything pink, since it can become pretty overwhelming. You can also paint the walls white and place light-colored floor covering. You can place a pink accent rug on light-colored floor.

Barbie bedroom

Choose cute toy-like furniture for the Barbie style bedroom. You can get a pink bed and place white bedding set with a Barbie style theme. Alternatively, you can get a white bed and opt for pink Barbie style bedding sets. Pair the bed with a cute nightstand and a table lamp in pink. Choose a wardrobe with interesting decorative elements in pink. You can also choose some other type of wardrobe, appropriate for a little girl’s bedroom and use pink floral stickers to decorate it. The rest of the furniture will depend on the age and personal needs of your little girl – you can add a pink chair, a vanity mirror, chest of drawers and a desk.

Barbie style bedroom

For the decoration of the Barbie style bedroom, you can hang some Barbie pictures on the walls or opt for cute pink floral wall art. You may even ask your kid to paint some pictures and hang them on the walls. Another beautiful decorative item for the Barbie style bedroom would be an accent rug. You can choose a pink rug, or a creamy-colored rug with floral patterns.

pink bedroom

If you’re not sure what else to add to the Barbie style bedroom, you can always ask you little girl for ideas. Let us know what you think of this idea in the comments below.

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