Gothic Bedroom Design Ideas

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Gothic bedroom design — Red and black could be interesting blend. Both create the depth of the characters in the room. These two popular colors used on the Gothic-style interior. In architecture, inspired by the Gothic-style church buildings. Gothic-style buildings of classical, can be seen in church buildings, castles, and palaces in the medieval period. Many people also identify with the architectural style of Dracula’s castles. Characteristic of Gothic style architecture, which can still be seen up to now, the formations are pointed like an arrow. Usually found on windows, doors, roofs and domes.


victorian gothic bedroom design



gothic bedroom ideas



gothic bedroom design ideas


Impression of an ancient, gothic often refer to dreary impression. However, the gothic bedroom design also gives  he impression of class, the article is widely used in castles and palaces. For those of you who got bored with the style of dressing room was so-so only, Gothic can be an inspiration. No need to convert the house into a stylish Victorian era. Simply play with color.


gothic bedroom design



gothic bedroom decorating ideas


Gothic synonymous with solid colors with strong character, red, black, purple, gold, dark green, and ocher. Play with one of these colors, or can also combine several of them. Alloys such as red and black. Both colors are equally strong character and has the potential to attract attention. Applying it in the room, will make the room attractive, character, and unique. However, based on the facts in Indonesia, not many people want to apply these two colors together. Because the two colors are heavy and dark impression. If you too think so, no need to apply it on the wall of the room. Simply apply the color selection of furniture, curtains, lamp shades, beddings, carpets, and various other room accessories. Although both strong character, the color had turned out “mutually beneficial”. Dark red to appear more prominently. In contrast, red-black does not make losing the charm. Harmonious and beautiful, right? — gothic bedroom design.