An insight into the male brain

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An insight into the male brain

No, this is not another medical article aiming to give you repulsive details that you do not need. This is truly an interior design post focusing on your home bedroom, or to be more precise on what your bed would look like if your husband or boyfriend were to pick it.
It is extremely rare that a man would pay any attention to the rest of the bedroom. Male brains focus on just one piece of furniture – the bed! Therefore, it is no surprise that “garnish” details (I am confident you will surely hear some men use the slang) such as carpets, wall colors, window blinds, draperies, dressing tables, pretty much every piece of furniture and interior decoration is a burden that the fragile arms of women should carry.

It would be interesting though to see what the male brain would opt for if the task of picking the home bedroom bed was delegated by the female partner. It sounds crazy, but there are even researches on the topic! To take things further, there is also a good number of posts and articles by interior designers dedicated to this question.
The answer, though, is rather obvious – men naturally go for simple, comfortable, practical furniture of pastel colors and shades. And the bed just follows the general rule. So, in case your man was to choose the bed, you would end up with a single-color bed (a combination of two colors if you are really lucky)! It is very rare that a male would go for something colorful in terms of textiles, so a few boring circles or squares is what you can hope for!

To round things up, we would like to state the following: you cannot really expect your husband or boyfriend to pick the bed of your dreams (the male brain has more important functions :D), so the responsibility whether to ask him about his opinion or even let him do the job for you is entirely yours! So give it a good thought!