Padded Headboard Design

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Padded headboard design — A touch of luxury, does not necessarily mean putting valuables exorbitant. Consultation with experts to determine the most suitable mattress for you. Create a padded headboard or the so-called, was powerful enough to make the bed look elegant. The idea of ​​making a padded headboard is actually absent from the seat and the wall of the houses first classic Victorian era. Padded seat is made by coating it with foam, and covered with leather or fabric. Soft foam is then called padded. Similarly, the walls, a layer of foam and skin, making the wall feels soft and looks expensive.




To make it padded headboard design, the steps can be looked up here. For a luxurious look, select the wrapping material that could give such an impression. For example, synthetic leather, or velvet. Let a little, telling velvet gives graceful and elegant. Padded headboard can also dikreasikan. For example, motive, or combine them with different colors. Can also play form. Combine it with the mirror is also a good idea, make it look more modern. If you want to make a padded headboard is more classic look, as well as in European countries, add an ornament of French nails, tacks resembles with more rounded ends. With French nails you can create for example by forming a pattern initials, tendrils, flowers, and so forth.



Do not forget that you spend most of your life in the bedroom and the bedroom is also one of the most private room for you. Customize the interior design of your bedroom with your wishes and make sure your bedroom calm and comfortable. If by chance wallpaper covered the walls of the room, adjust the color of the wallpaper headboard upholstery. So it looks harmonious and beautiful. Can not wait to try? — padded headboard design.


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