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Small bedrooms can be challenging to furnish and decorate. However, there are lots of innovative and smart designs you can use for your small bedroom. In this article we will give you some suggestions.

If your bedroom is small, you will want to create the illusion of more space. Choose light, creamy colors, to give the room open, airy feel. One suggestion is to use beige as the main color. Beige looks soothing and cozy. It adds class and style to your bedroom. Don’t worry that it will make things boring. If you use two or three different shades of beige, your bedroom will keep its lively, dynamic look. If you want to use some dark colored accents, keep the ceiling and the bigger part of the walls white, to reflect more light. Choose wallpapers with dark patterns for one of the walls, like the one behind the bed, to create a focal point. Dark-colored decorations will not make the bedroom feel so small, if you have big windows to let more light in.

beige bedroom

beige bedroom design

small beige bedroom

The furniture for the small bedroom should be cleverly selected. Use tall, but narrow wardrobes and shelving units. Thus, you will have enough storage space and the furniture will not look bulky and ill fitted. Wardrobes with sliding doors are a great option for a small bedroom. For your contemporary, small bedrooms, modern furniture with glossy surfaces are an ideal solution. They will look stylish and reflect more light to make the room brighter.

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small bedroom ideas

Do not use too many decoration items in a small bedroom, because they will make it seem overcrowded. Keep it as tidy and organized as possible. Instead of hanging too many pictures on the walls, install wallpapers with contemporary, stylish design on some of the walls. The wall behind the bed is usually the best choice, because the bed is the focal point of the bedroom, and the wallpapers will indicate this focal point. You can also add ceiling and table lights with matching patterns.

small bedroom design

small bedroom interior

Apply some of the creative tips you find online, and you can create a unique, contemporary bedroom design. Be smart in the choice of colors, to make the room look and feel bigger and brighter and opt for innovative furniture that allow enough storage space to keep everything neat and organized.

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