Vintage Bedroom Ideas for Women

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Vintage bedroom ideas for women — The bedroom is one of the most important room in the house. This is because, most of the time we spent in the room. Here too, we get the energy ‘chi’ that could bring a positive influence for peace of mind. A good bedroom is a bedroom that has a position and the ideal living space, right interior, as well as the careful selection of furniture. Then, how to achieve it in your room?


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Many bedroom design options to choose from. Remember that the bedroom is an area you should consider carefully penataanya. Bedroom designs to choose is in accordance with your personality. If you are a warm, calm and charismatic, you can try on the vintage style of your vintage bedroom ideas for women. If you are hesitant to use a vintage style, in fact you do not have to apply in all parts of the vintage style of your bedroom. You can combine a modern style with vintage style or may be you can make a nice mix and match the vintage ornament in your ordinary bedroom.


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vintage bedroom ideas for women


Creative with vintage style there are lots of ways. One thing you can do is with the selection of appropriate furniture and ornaments for your vintage bedroom ideas for women. For the furniture you can choose a single sofa or bed in victorian style. Ornaments or knick-knacks such as a room that can be selected engraved picture frames, jewelry boxes, mirrors, vintage perfume bottles, and large posters. Twinkling accessories are also suitable for decoration. Attach decorative glass beads, crystal pendants, or lamp shades are shiny and bright. To choose the color of a warm wall. If you are afraid to change didnding paint your bedroom, you can replace it with wallpaper. Select wallpaper classical style with an elegant texture. Wallpaper does not have to be placed across the bedroom wall. Enough in some parts of the course. The key, use your creative imagination deliver — vintage bedroom ideas for women.