Your bedroom is your comfort oasis – a few bits of practical advice

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Your bedroom is your comfort oasis – a few bits of practical advice

The bedroom does require additional, extra care! If you think that you have spent ages on the interior design of your home, well be prepared to spare some more time furnishing and decorating your bedroom. After all, this is the place, where you will rest after a hard day at work, so you do need all kinds of amenities in order to have maximum comfort.

The first and most important attribute is the bed. It is well advised to place it east-west. And remember – the mattress does matter. So in case you have a partner to share your bed with, it would be a wise decision to use separate mattresses. This way, you can position yours so that you can enjoy reading a book, while your spouse is having a nap! Make sure you choose an anatomical mattress, which does not trigger any allergies, as this is a common complaint nowadays.

You will probably be surprised that the interior design tendencies with regard to the bedroom do not suggest having a mirror in your bedroom. It is considered to be an exit point for all positive energy and an entry threshold for the negative one. However, probably 90 % of contemporary homes do have a mirror in the bedroom. A wise trick would be to place it on the inner side of the wardrobe door, so that it will be visible only when you need it! The truth is, though, that the majority of us could not go without a nice, tall, vanity mirror, which sometimes occupies the whole wardrobe. And a few of us take the extra step and have mirrors on the very ceiling! The fact remains though; the modern woman cannot go without a nice mirror to put on her make-up before the perfect night out or to take care of her skin before bed-time. At the end of the day, this is choice that is entirely up to you!


Here is a smart trick, which will make your bedroom look higher and more spacious – consider a built-in wardrobe. Should you have a wall to utilize, you can easily get a tailor-made wardrobe. There is no counter-argument, if you could have it, you should definitely go for it. Another important bit of furnishing is the proper lighting. If you are party-inclined, then some bright lamps will be handy. In case you could do with a quiet evening at home watching some TV, some blinded lighting will create splendid visual effects. Basically, you should be prepared for every occasion, so do not overlook the lighting part. It may be just as important as your mattress.