Toilet Interior Design

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Toilet interior design — One more important sanitary bathroom toilet is sitting, better known as the toilet. Usually the toilet was in a separate area with a shower area. In fact, on a dry bath, two areas can be separated by a bulkhead. Both of these areas could be made apart without the need for insulation if the bathroom is quite spacious. As a large sanitary items in the bathroom, toilet view be one determinant of the bathroom interior theme. As one of complementary interior design toilet, toilet sitting well worth noting, function and material.


sitting toilet


Toilet interior design evolved over the times. A function of not having the addition or subtraction, but the design and technology. Design the shape does not change much. Toilet can be divided into two parts, the seat tube and water collection. Some types of water collection tube to hide the plant it on the wall. Besides reducing the space in the bathroom, the tubes are planted to give a different view on the toilet. Unisex toilets equipped with automatic sensors. The lid can open and close by themselves when the sensor detects the person in front of him.


toilet interior design


The material used in the toilet interior design is also diverse. Most toilets are made of ceramic to facilitate the care process. Only certain parts that can be made of material such as plastic or wood. Lid and toilet seat can be made of wood. Some parts have also been finishing wood like motifs and images, as well as the waterproof layer. Adalagi toilet made of metal. The resulting display presents a unique industrial impression.


small toilet interior design


A good toilet, pay attention to health and residential design will make us a neat, clean and beautiful. You will feel comfortable to do activities that involve the toilet. No need to feel uncomfortable and jijk the toilet is dirty, ugly and crude. Note also the good maintenance of the interior of your toilet — toilet interior design.


Toilet interior design

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