How to arrange flowers in a vase

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Many consider the ability to arrange flowers in a perfectly balanced way a great skill. There are lots of different styles and many cultures enjoy flower symbolism, where each flower has a specific meaning, when you arrange flowers.

beautiful flower arrangement

The first thing to go, when you are going to arrange flowers, is to make sure the vase has been thoroughly cleaned and any residue has been rinsed off. Almost any vessel you have in your home can be used to arrange flowers create a gorgeous, individual arrangement. You can break off the flower heads and float them in a bowl of water with some candles. You can also use a regular vase and add sand, pebbles or glass beads to the bottom. This will support the stems and give the arrangement an attractive finish.

beautiful flowers

When you plan to arrange flowers, first you need to prepare your flowers by cutting off at least one inch from the bottom of each stem. Then you need to remove any leaves that lie below the water level in the vase. This will help keep the flowers fresh for longer. Try cutting the stems at an angle. This way the flowers will receive more nutrients.

flower arrangement

When you arrange flowers, you should use water with room temperature. Fill partially the vase and add any flower food you have. If you are using fresh flowers and want their bud to open quickly, place them in slightly warm water. This will encourage the buds to open.

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When you arrange flowers, it is good to know which flowers look best in which vase. Posies of small flowers usually look great in short, stout vases, while longer flowers look more elegant in tall vases. When you arrange flowers, you can also cut their stems to the required length, to fit the shape of your vase.

flower arrangement

To arrange flowers, place them in the vase you have chosen and place the more dominant flowers in first, to create the focus of your arrangement. A suggestion would be to place them at different angles, which will make the most of their individual shapes and give the whole arrangement a more balanced feel. Then add the small flowers and fill in any gaps with the foliage. This will accentuate the mix of colors in the arrangement.


When you arrange flowers, you should also remove the pollen stamens from their base. This is done, because the pollen tends to discolor the petals and also stains everything else it touches. Removing the pollen stamens will also prevent the flowers from becoming pollinated, thus increasing their longevity.

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When you arrange flowers and you’re done with the arrangement, you should try to keep them out of direct sunlight or heat and away from fruit, because exposure will speed up the wilting process. Also, remember that you will need to keep topping the water up and change it every few days.

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