Black and White Vinyl Floor

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A black and white vinyl floor gives your home a retro-style feel. The classic flooring looks both sophisticated and whimsical, making it the ideal backdrop for all types of decor. Play up the flooring’s vintage appeal by taking cues from 1950s soda fountains and diners. The outcome will be a charming, old-time style with fresh, modern appeal.

black and white vinyl floor

Installing vinyl tile flooring is an easy way to use your imagination. Brighten up a dull kitchen or bathroom with different colors of vinyl tiles. Decide how many colors you want to use, and work out a pattern across the floor. If you are really creative, try to replicate a mosaic pattern; look at interior design and architecture books and websites for inspiration. For a monochrome look, alternating black and white vinyl flooring looks modern and clean.

Decorate your walls with retro “soda fountain” inspired details. Hang electric neon signs, as well as tin signs featuring antique food labels and Coca-Cola memorabilia. Frame black and white pictures of 1950’s entertainment icons, such as Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Buy calendars featuring images from classic television shows, such as “Leave it to Beaver.”

Take advantage of your home’s vintage-inspired black and white vinyl floor, and decorate with a retro appeal. If the floor is in your kitchen, gather antique accessories and memorabilia, such as appliances and decor items you can also use replicas if you can’t find the real thing.

Domino artwork is not something you see every day. Art made from dominoes is a specialized art form done by a relatively small number of artists. Creating artwork with dominoes takes planning and can be time-consuming. The combination of black and white vinyl floor, when placed in a pre-defined order, create what appear to be complex and detailed images. With practice, some experimentation and a little patience, you can turn ordinary dominoes into a masterpiece of art suitable for display.