How to choose the window shades

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The window shades can make a big difference in any room. They can add color, drama, height and softness to the space. We would definitely encourage anyone to give them a try.

Window shades are a wide variety of window coverings. Insulating cellular shades are made of fabric, folded into distinctive honeycomb-shaped cells. Apart from looking pretty neat, they actually do some insulating too, because they are made in layers. Insulating cellular shades can fit almost any design style. They are easy to operate and created to last a long time.

honeycomb shades

Fabric Roman shades feature flat horizontal folds and a pull-chord mechanism, threaded through the rings at the back. They lie flat, when lowered and fold up neatly at the top, when fully raised. Usually, fabric Roman shades come in custom widths and heights, according to your needs. They match perfectly today’s trend towards simple and sophisticated design.

Roman shades

Shadings are a hybrid window covers with movable fabric vanes, suspended between two fabric facings. When open, they filter gently the natural light that enters the room, while preserving the outside view. When close, the vanes allow you privacy, while maintaining a soft, elegant style. Shadings are available in a variety of fabrics and colors for you to choose from, depending on the rest of your interior.

window shadings

Window shades are a great way to dress your windows. They let you enjoy the outdoor views and control the light that comes in from the outside. Plus, you can always add curtains later, if you like them, but window shades look great by themselves and you have so many options to choose from. Window shades are a great solution, when you are looking for window treatment options. With their sleek, modern design, they are perfect for contemporary homes, especially in the cities, where you can’t leave your windows bare for privacy reasons.

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