Cool carpet ideas for your living room

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Nature is a great source of inspiration for the interior design and architecture. Choose on of these cool carpet designs and bring a piece of nature to your living room. It will definitely impress anyone, who enters your home.

Wood, slate and stone are very popular flooring choices. However, not everyone will choose any of these types of flooring for their living room. Most of us prefer the comfort and warmth of the carpet. Plus, the carpet will reduce the noise and provide better insulation. That’s why you could pick a slate carpet for your living room. This way you can have the attractive look of the slates and the softness of a carpet. This is a great interior décor suggestion.

slate carpet

Another great option is the stone carpet. This carpet has a unique, attractive design, that looks like smooth, rounded river stones. This is a cool décor solution, that will look great in almost any home – from traditional to contemporary. It will add a lovely accent to your living room. And everyone will simply love this carpet, looking like a piece of nature in your living room.

stone carpet

If you want to add rustic beauty and a feel of nature to your living room, you can choose a carpet with some wood patterns. This carpet looks unbelievably realistic and beautiful. It will definitely get the attention of your guests. This carpet will make for an amazing focal point in your living room. Add character to the living room, without having to sacrifice the warmth and comfort of the carpet.

wood carpet

These carpet designs are truly amazing. We love their incredibly realistic look and the atmosphere they create in the living room. You can share with us your thoughts about these carpet designs or suggest other cool carpet designs for the living room.

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