Custom storm door

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In years past, Custom storm door were installed to lighten a dark hallway or protect a wood door from the weather. Storm doors are made of steel, aluminum, vinyl, wood or fiberglass. They can feature contemporary or traditional styling elements so you can pick one Custom storm door that blends best with your home. Some manufacturers offer customizing elements such as glass insets with etching. While this is important for the appearance of the front of your home, consider the construction’s influence on the sturdiness and energy efficiency of the door. Look for a one-piece, seamless outer shell. The inner core can be solid wood or insulated foam. Good doors come with two layers of weather stripping at the top, bottom and sides for an airtight seal. Learn about the door’s inner structure to decide if it is suited to your family’s use. Aluminum doors tend to be strong and weather-resistant. They are good choices for beach and humid climates.

Custom storm door

Insulation of a Custom storm door can be increased by paying attention to the type of glass or material used in the door. For example, doors with low-emissivity glass typically are of higher quality, and therefore provide more insulation. Storm doors may have better insulation as well if they have self storing pockets that are within the glass. These types of doors, however, can be more costly, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

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Secure the Custom storm door frame to the molding. Make a small pilot hole through the door molding with the power drill and bit. Drill a 3/16-inch hole in the storm door frame next to the hole you made in the molding. Use the power drill with a screwdriver bit to drill a wood screw through the frame into the molding. Follow this procedure on other parts of the frame that are loose.