Decorate your fireplace with stones

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Since the fireplace is almost always to focal point in any living room, finding the right style to decorate it is very important. Natural stones are an ideal solution for fireplace decoration, which will help you create the perfect atmosphere for gathering and entertainment in your living room. In this post we will share our ideas about fireplace decoration with natural stones.

Stones are a naturally beautiful material, which can add a one-of-a-kind look to your fireplace. Using stones in your interior decoration can turn your fireplace into an impressive, rustic focal point of the living room. If you want to reduce the scale of stones and add another point of interest, you can place a large mirror above the mantel. Choose the color of the stones around your fireplace carefully, if you want to create a jumping-off point for the room’s color palette.

rustic fireplace

If you wan to create a classic centerpiece from the fireplace in your living room, then combine the stones around it with sophisticated moldings. If you want the area to be used for watching television, as well as socializing with friends and family, you can hide a TV behind a remote-controlled piece of wall art above the mantel. This way your TV will be out of sight when not in use and you will enjoy the peaceful atmosphere the fire and the stones create.

 classic fireplace

Stones can also be used to decorate modern fireplaces, creating a feeling of luxury in your contemporary living room. Use natural stones to decorate your modern gas fireplace and invite a piece of nature inside your home. This is a great way to add an amazing architectural element in your living room.

modern fireplace

Any type of fireplace can benefit from the natural beauty of stones. They can create a warm and peaceful atmosphere and make the area around the fireplace even more attractive. Natural stones are an ideal decoration solution for any style.

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