Decorative floor vases

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Decorative vases are a great way to brighten up the atmosphere in your home. You can fill your home with bunches of vases or put a single flower in a vase, as an accent. However, it is a goos idea to choose vases that can stand on their own.

decorative floor vases

If you want to create a rustic feel in your home, then wood or bamboo vases are the best choice. The best thing about wood vases is that each vase is made unique and individual. The natural imperfections in the wood are actually great decorative details and that’s what makes each vase different. Feel closer to nature by placing a few wood vases in your home.

wood floor vase

wood vase

Contemporary floor vases may have more unusual design. They are a beautiful, elegant addition to your modern home. Display them near the fireplace, the dining table or the front door. Because of their stylish design, they can stand on their own, creating a nice accent in your home. You may also opt to put some fresh flowers in them, if you want to have that feeling of nature.

contemporary floor vase

modern floor vase

Glass floor vases would also make a beautiful addition to any room in your home. You can choose colorful glass vases to match the color scheme in the room or to create a contrast. This will also add a nice, colorful accent if your main colors are neutral or the room is uni-color. You can also choose clear, transparent vases, since the will match any interior design. Select an interesting shape for the vases and fill them with decorative stones. This is a great décor solution for your bathroom.

red glass vase

glass vases

A few oversize floor vases will add a beautiful accent to any room. There are literally tons of vases on the market, to satisfy all customers. You can put anything you want in the vases, according to your taste.

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