Decorative pillows

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Decorative pillows are one of the most affordable ways to decorate your home. They usually serve a dual purpose. If you want to add more color to your rooms and don’t want to re-paint the walls or change the furniture, adding some decorative pillows will help you accomplish just that.

Accent pillows are used to emphasize some part of the home décor. They may match the color accents within the room, often drawing on the colors of your walls, drapes or the area rugs. In order to keep the room from falling into discord, place colorful accent pillows with neutral wall colors. If you have colorful walls, choose pillows with varying prints, but similar tones.

purple accent pillows

Throw pillows are a type of small, decorative pillows, usually placed on sofas and armchairs. They are also frequently used on beds, day beds and floors. Throw pillows serve both aesthetic and functional purpose. They may also provide back, head and neck support. They can be square, rectangular, circular and cylindrical in shape. Throw pillows are made from a wide range of textiles, including silk, leather, microfiber, cotton and linen.

throw pillows

Novelty pillows are shaped like humorous objects and are meant to brighten up a room. Novelty pillows are great for kids’ room décor. Some of them can be used as toys for your kid to play with, during the day. And at night, they will make for a cute, cuddly friend for the child to sleep with. Novelty pillow can be very helpful if you have trouble getting your kids to bed. Change the pillows in the kids’ room to pillow pets and your kid will be looking forward to going to bed.

pet pillows

Decorative pillows can be a great accent to add to your home. If you are feeling extra creative, you can make your own pillow covers. Experiment with different colors, fabrics and shapes and have fun.

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