Decorative Wall Tiles Ideas

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Decorative wall tiles have usually been associated with formal looks, handpainted designs and traditional spaces. Tile manufacturers are setting out to break that mold with new, bold and innovative designs.

decorative wall tiles

Ceramic wall tiles for contemporary spaces now include geometric, three dimensional designs, which pieces together to form a tile wall paper perfect for covering large areas of the home. New shapes and bold, saturated colors previously unavailable are combining in mosaic patterns and tile designs perfect for bringing a splash of color to an otherwise monochromatic kitchen or bathroom design.

Inlays, geometric patterns, and tiles which visually move in two directions at once can help to give any space a contemporary feel.

Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas

For homeowners remodeling or installing a contemporary or modern kitchen, the backsplash is the perfect place to set off the rest of the design. New, saturated reds and lime greens are available to make the design pop. Look for mosaic tiles in new, starburst shapes and geometric patterns to fill the space with both color and interest. If the rest of the design is monochromatic in color, use these bold offerings to spice up the design.

If there is already a great deal of bold color in the kitchen design, try using tiles that shift and move when the light hits them. Available in blends of colors which can pull together all the elements of the kitchen design, circles, stix and off set tile designs can bring shifting movement to the space.

Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas

Large, open master bathrooms are the perfect showcases for ceramic tile wallpaper patterns with decorative wall tiles. These heavy, geometric, interlocking designs can be run as wainscoting throughout the room. Top them with a large format porcelain tile in the shower for a sleek contrast.

Tile the contemporary bathroom floor with ceramic tiles in varying shapes and hues, and pick up a border of the same pattern on the walls. If installing a freestanding bathtub, tile the wall behind it in vertical tile stix of 1/2″ x 6” in a variety of colors to maximize the height of the room, as well as the design.

Contemporary, decorative wall tiles can frequently be ordered in custom colors or blends to suit the needs of any kitchen or bathroom design. Use them in a bold fashion to highlight and expand on any contemporary design, and watch the room take shape.

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