DIY projects – candle holders

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Nothing can set the right mood at the dinner table better than candles. You can now create your own candle holders to decorate your dinner table. In this article we will show you a few easy DIY candle holders.

floating candle holder

With the floating candle holders DIY can’t get any easier than this. For this you will need a clear glass vase, bowl or whatever other vessel you want to use. This is something, which can be found in any home. For the decoration of these candle holders you can use pretty much anything you like – a branch from your front yard bush, blooms, petals, stones, marbles – practically anything. Fill the bowl with water, add the decorative items you’ve chosen and place a candle on top. You can use tea lights. Your floating candle holders will be ready in no time at all.

glass candle holder

Another very easy type of DIY candle holders is these glass candle holders. They would make up for a great table decoration for a romantic dinner. Simply take a few wine glasses, some blooms and candles. You can choose the blooms according to the occasion. You can also choose the blooms to match the color of the rest of the decoration on the table or some other color, if you are looking to create a contrast. Contrasting colors are a great idea – thus you will add a point of interest to your dinner table. Instead of blooms, you can use any other item you can thing of – Christmas toys or pine cones with glitter would be great decorative candle holders for you Christmas dinner table.

coffee beans candle holder

Another very impressive option for decorative candle holders is to use bowls, filled with coffee beans. All you need to make these candle holders are decorative glass porcelain containers, tea lights and coffee beans. Make sure your containers are clean and dry. Pour some of the coffee beans, place the candles and add some more coffee beans. This is a great table decoration that will make your home smell warm and inviting.

There are lots of DIY candle holders you can find online. You can share with us which ones you’ve tried and which are your favorite.

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