French doors types

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French doors types are available in metal, wood and vinyl. They can be purchased as either pre-hung single doors, sets of two doors or as a non-hung door. Exterior French doors are available in many standard sizes and may be custom made for non-standard sizes and styles such as arched tops.

French doors

French doors types rames are constructed from wood, fiberglass or steel. Wood is the most expensive and sought-after option, though it requires routine maintenance to keep it looking nice and new. Although wood frames work well for interior and exterior French doors, they are best for interior French door frames, which do not need the extra durability of fiberglass or steel.

One common misconception about French doors style is that they must be double doors; there are many styles in both interior and exterior French doors. Bifold and multifold French doors are mostly used in closets and as hallway dividers, because their folds do not create a weatherproof option for exterior doors. Sliding doors are usually used as exterior applications, especially leading to a balcony or deck where there is no space to accommodate a swinging door.

There are several sizes of French door style from which to choose. Most manufacturers offer a minimum door width from 16 inches and a minimum door height of 60 inches. Most exterior French doors are a standard thickness of 1 3/8 inch to 1 3/4 inch.

French doors can be a standalone entryway to your home or they can have accents with transoms over the top and sidelights on either side. Some manufacturers and specialty woodworkers offer arched exterior French doors in many sizes.

Attach a thin cafe-style curtain rod just above the glass section of your French door, then add sheer curtains. This provides some privacy with a small amount of light control. Heavier curtains may require additional curtain hardware.