Glass Sliding Door

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Glass Sliding Door is a window of the outside part of house. a way to admire nature’s goodness and allow warm sunlight to brighten our home. While we don’t want to cover up our view to the outside, we can enhance the beauty of a patio sliding glass door by decorating it with curtains and window treatments that are stylish but still allow full access to nature’s beauty. This is some of instructions to make your own curtain.

Glass Sliding Door

Measure size of your Glass Sliding Door from left to right and top to bottom, including trim on all sides. Select window panels for the sliding glass door. Window panels will allow you to view the outdoors during the day by keeping them open and have privacy at night by pulling them closed. Choose a color that matches with the room’s decoration theme and a length that allows the curtains to brush the floor once it is hung on the rod.

Purchase a window treatment rod long enough to cover the width, from left to right, of the sliding glass door plus approximately 10 inches on each side (this will allow the curtains to clear the door frame and not interfere with opening the door). Again, select a style that matches to the room’s decoration theme style and color.

Use a drill to attach the rod brackets to the wall above the Glass Sliding Door trim, allowing enough room for the curtains to just hit the floor (adjust the bracket up if the window treatment is much longer than the height of the door frame). Put the curtains on the curtain rod and the rod on the brackets. Keep the curtains open during the day with the option to close them at night for room privacy.